Empires of Gods & Men

Braelen's Journal; Entry 1

Between the Arlen soldier and the outsider Euphigenia arriving in Gottelsgep at the same time, the unease of my mother and rash actions of my father, I should not be surprised how much my life has changed in just a few days… Especially when I was sent away with Yttria, Akka and Euphigenia on a quest from Elder Jorehk.

Many things have happened to the group after we left Gottelsgep to deliver a message to the Nomarch of Ensferk on behalf of Elder Jorehk, questioning the presence of the Arlen soldiers in our lands.

Trying our best to remain inconspicuous, we arrived in Ensferk and poked around for some information about the whereabouts of the Nomarch’s estate. We were escorted by soldiers to the estate. On the way, Yttria lost herself in a separate dimension when she touched a mirror embedded in a tree, leaving the rest of us to tote around her unconscious body in the physical realm.

We finally reached the estate and were given a room to bunk in. However, soldiers came for Euphigenia and I in the middle of the night, declaring us under arrest. We did not comply to their demands, and I was forced to reveal my magic as Akka, Euphigenia, and myself fought our way out, barely surviving. I was able to distract the guards and send them off on a wild goose chase, giving us time to take cover and hide in the wooded area outside the estate.

That night, Dust found a temple and brought me a piece of what appears to been part of the mirror Yttria touched. Placing it against her skin, she regained consciousness and told us of her out-of-body experience meeting two of Kesh’s children, Orketh and Morthys.

This spurred Akka to tell us that Yttria in fact, has Orketh dwelling inside her, and that we must make sure he does not get out, or else Yttria will die.

The next day, we went to a farm to buy provisions for our travel to Du Veres. We found a local soldier there, who seemed to be allied with his people rather than working in hand with the Arlen soldiers. He warned us about Arlish soldiers searching across the nome for our group, and that they have captured my father, who apparently was an idiot and got himself caught trying to find me. He is being held in the Nomarch’s estate, but it’s too risky for the group to try and rescue him at this time.

We are traveling at night, to avoid running into anymore soldiers. Hopefully we will make it to Du Veres in one piece.



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