Empires of Gods & Men

Braelen's Journal; Entry 2

August 14, 2013 18:46

Euphigenia cleverly made the party camouflage out of mud, grass and sticks to help us blend in better with our surroundings.

Traveling by night we have managed to avoid many soldiers, yet we still manage to run into troubles.

I wish to say the worst that happened was when we happened upon a field of goats and Rain was causing them to become restless… but then came the wolves.
A whole pack of wolves came after us in the night, we had no choice but to start a fire and hope no soldiers were close by to see it. We fended off the wolves, and the pack retreated… for now.
We needed to rest after the attack, so we decided to continue our journey in the morning while we took turns watching out for the wolves.

The following afternoon we saw soldiers of different banners combing the fields on horseback, we hid ourselves as best as we could in a thicket… but Yttria fell a short distance away and drew their attention. As the captain drew near Akka and Euphigenia began a preemptive strike… and unfortunately failed throwing everyone into a chaotic battle.
Yttria stealthily attacking with her crossbow, Akka bellowing and hammer bashing, Euphigenia twirling a deadly dance with her glave and myself weaving magic did our best to fight them, despite us four outnumbered by their five.

I was able to cause distortion in the fight gaining the party an advantage to take out our opponents, doing so earned me a javelin though the chest from an enemy. I blacked out.

When I awoke, Euphigenia was finishing healing the hole in my chest, while Akka and Yttria were interrogating a captured solider.
I struggled to my feet with Euphigenia’s help and saw four soldiers lying dead. Euphigenia grumbled that one solider had escaped despite their best attempts to stop him, and how lucky I was to still be alive…

The solider they did capture spoke Varresh, in what little I could understand he said to me “The Petalthrens were traitors” and he was “ordered to bring me and my father’s house back.” He couldn’t say to where or to whom, he was only that “he was just following orders”.

Then Euphigenia did him in.

We gathered the horses of the slain soldiers, tossing off their embroidered tack we took two for ourselves and set the others free. We continued on to Du Veres.

We crossed through creeks to help cover our path along the way, and arrived a day and a half later at twilight.
Akka and Yttria went in first, followed a little later by Euphigenia and myself. I noticed that there were soldiers that seemed to be looking out for people of interest.
We met up with the other two, but motioned them to ignore us and keep going in a set direction.

That is when I noticed we were being tailed by men on horseback.



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